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Creating Housing Stability

Every individual should be safely housed.

Strategy 1:
Prevent homelessness

What this means:

We assist vulnerable individuals and families with basic needs while also providing pathways to self-sufficiency.

Desired Community Outcomes
  • Increased efficacy in case management services to prevent homelessness and achieve housing stability

  • Increased number of persons who increase their income and/or access benefits

  • Increased number of persons who move from homelessness to permanent housing solutions

  • Increased staff trained in best practices

Strategy 2:
Encourage innovative pathways to housing

What this means:

We move individuals from homelessness to housing by funding permanent and innovative housing solutions that support the community. 

Desired Community Outcomes

The annual cost of living for a family of 2 parents with 1 child is $90,250. 

Economic Policy Institute, Family Budget Calculator, 2018

37% of housing on Cape Cod is for seasonal use, compared to the state average of 4%, limiting options for year-round residents.

Cape Cod Commission, 2017

40% of Barnstable County home owners spend more than 30% of their annual income on housing costs.

Community Action Committee of Cape Cod & Islands, Inc. 2014

On Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, a family earning the median owner's income of $56,000 would find nothing to purchase without using equity from an existing home.

Community Action Committee of Cape Cod & Islands, Inc. 2014

  • Expansion of a more diverse year-round housing stock through weatherization, accessibility modifications, repairs etc.

  • Increased first time homebuyers and ready renters

  • Increased community knowledge of affordable housing issues and solutions

  • Increased staff trained in innovative housing solutions and best practices

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