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Donate and make an immediate impact.

Responding to emergencies and community crises in real time. Life happens and situations can change in an instant. Many of our most vulnerable populations are economically unable to respond in any time of emergency – whether natural or man-made.


Our Community Response Fund is available to assist our collaborating partners so we can be ready to assist those in need for unplanned community emergencies, such as the Cape and Islands United Way has done since 2020 when the fund was established just prior to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


How your gift can help

The first priority area of funding will be for organizations providing access to basic needs during times of crisis.

We are working to ensure that:

food pantry

Our food insecure neighbors have enough to eat


Low income families can care for their children


We help keep people at risk of homelessness in their homes

essential workers

Essential employees have access to quality child care when they need to be at work

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