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Cape and Islands for Good

Information for nonprofit organizations

We hope this finds you healthy during this unprecedented time. We are excited to announce a change in how the Cape and Islands United Way supports volunteerism in our community.

As you know, we have managed the Cape Cod Volunteers website ( for the last five years. Through this site, much work has been done by volunteers and organizations to make a meaningful and lasting impact in our community, and now we have the tools to improve upon that foundation.

Recently, as a response to the crisis created by COVID-19, the Massachusetts Service Alliance (MSA) invited us to join them in bringing a new platform to our area. This platform – We Connect for Good – is already operational and successful in several major cities across the country. It is available at no expense to our region’s active nonprofits.

cape for good.png

Cape and Islands for Good ( is our new local volunteerism and community building platform. It is easy to use, visually pleasing and allows for quick and succinct sharing of information. As the site evolves, it will become region’s most comprehensive guide to nonprofits in our community.

The change to the new site allows our local nonprofits to:

  • Tell stories of impact, use data and connect it to what they need

  • Appeal to a wider audience; including virtual volunteer opportunities

  • Provide a variety of ways to engage users, including ways to help (volunteer or donate items), ways to give (contribute to a campaign or make a direct donation).

  • The ability to update information quickly and easily, share pictures and request help - which is particularly important as we navigate COVID-19

The transition from to will be completed by October 31, 2020. After that date, will no longer be functional and all users will be redirected to the new site.

We want to hear from you as you make the transition to the new site. Questions? Contact Jackie at

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Organizations have the opportunity to edit, delete, change and update any information on the new site by following the instructions in the Cape and Islands for Good User Guide.

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