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Business United Spotlight | Chris & Kevin Eosco

Updated: Jun 25

How and when did you become a supporter?

We have been supporters of the Cape and Islands United Way for more than 30 years.  First, we contributed through payroll deductions at work and then by becoming Founders almost 10 years ago.

In your opinion, what is the most important work that we're doing?

CIUW has its finger n the pulse of our community.  It understands the significant needs: housing, healthcare, education and economic stability and meets those needs through its rigorous grant program.  But CIUW also responds to immediate needs by providing emergency funds as it did during the pandemic through the Community Response Fund and by creating new programs like Women United and Business United that further support our community.

Is there any contribution or achievement of which you are most proud?

This year CIUW grew its Community Baby Shower from one to three locations!  Having been part of the first Community Baby Shower was an all time feel good moment but beyond that, CIUW made an enormous, life-changing impact and on the new parents who participated in that event.

What compels you to give year after year?

Knowing that the leadership, the staff and the Board of Directors at CIUW rigorously reviews how to support the community gives us confidence that our contributions are being put to good use.  

Is there anything that you hope that the organization will achieve in the future?

CIUW’s commitment to Cape Cod communities is undeniable!  Attracting more Founders will allow the already good work the organization does to grow and to broaden its reach.  

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