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A Community Embracing Parenthood

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

The Community Baby Shower this past Sunday had many of the elements you would expect at a traditional baby shower. There were gifts, there was cake, there was camaraderie. What was different was that, instead of putting one mom at the center of attention, there were dozens of new and expectant moms and families welcomed into parenthood by their community.

Now in year two, this United Way event gives low income families a stronger start to parenthood by providing them with essential supplies and resources.

Made possible by the generous donations of individuals and local businesses, each mom or family went home with a car seat and a case of diapers, as well as a gift basket filled with clothing, blankets and books. Additional gifts were raffled off, including several strollers, handmade blankets, a crib and a glider.

Perhaps even more valuable than the baby supplies was access to the many resources at the event. New and expectant moms had a chance to visit more than a dozen information tables to learn about car seat safety, infant CPR, post partum depression, early literacy and more.

I’m glad to be a part of this community, and knowing that there really are good people out there who care. Thank you for the opportunity to see what support and resources are out  there. –Crystale R., baby shower guest

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