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Diapers for almost 2,500 in need

Longtime nonprofit partner A Baby Center received 187,000 diapers from the National Diaper Bank on October 16th.

The diapers were a gift to support the community, including the migrant population that has recently arrived in the area. This large donation will serve 2,493 clients, providing them with a week's worth of diapers for their babies.

According to the National Diaper Bank, 1 in 2 U.S. families struggles with diaper need. Babies without clean diapers are exposed to more potential health risks & less likely accepted to daycares, leaving parents unable to attend work.

To receive the diapers, the only anticipated cost to A Baby Center for this sizable gift was the shipping and handling of $6,500. The Cape & Islands United Way paid that for them out of our Community Response Fund, a special fund to respond to emergencies and community crises in real-time.

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