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A Conversation with New Board Member Tom Sorbo

What about our mission excites you?

The United Way’s ability to mobilize resources is exciting. There is a wealth of talented people, effective organizations, and untapped resources, that when mobilized, can ignite positive change, and achieve measurable progress in addressing our community’s most pressing challenges.

Tom and Beth Sorbo
Tom and Beth Sorbo at Best Night 2022 at The Pelham House.

Why did you become involved?

I have been a supporter of The United Way for 40-years, beginning when I attended a workplace meeting at my first job out of college and committed to a very modest payroll deduction in support of local United Way programs.

Later in my career, I attended annual Investment Management Community Breakfasts where industry veterans made pitches for ever-larger commitments of support from the audience. Those breakfasts often included a speaker with first-hand knowledge of the good works of United Way and I was always moved by their personal stories. It became evident that United Way was reaching many that had fallen through the cracks of the safety-net and that through their support of thoughtful initiatives, United Way was helping to address critical needs and changing lives.

While serving on the Marian L. Heard Scholarship Committee of the United Way of Massachusetts Bay, I was able to get to know the compelling personal stories of applicants from all over the region. The deserving recipients of the MLH Scholarships were often the first in their families to attend college and after graduating, were initiating a positive generational change for their families and eventually their communities.

After retiring from the investment management industry, I began to spend more time on the Cape and wanted to contribute my talents in support of the local community. Cape & Islands United Way was the perfect avenue because they were a recognized and trusted organization with a history of supporting successful programs. I am privileged and honored to be a part of the C&IUW

If the Cape & Islands United Way were to be on the cover of your favorite newspaper or magazine in five years, what would the story be about?

My wife and I have had a wonderful experience raising our four sons, so we know a bit about the challenges facing parents and their children and understand that the obstacles are only growing in number and complexity. The article I would like to see published would be highlighting the innovative and successful C&IUW programs focused on families and the real-life success stories. Every family that can attain financial stability, have adequate and affordable housing, receive proper education and reliable healthcare will be key to building our best communities throughout the Cape and Islands.

On a personal note, what’s something most people don’t know about you – or what’s your favorite thing to do in your free time?

When not with my family, I spend time cycling indoors on my Peloton and outdoors on the Cape Cod Rail Trail. I enjoy learning about the world’s great wine regions and the history of their grape varietals and I am a fan of NFL football and college basketball.

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