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Business United Spotlight | Valerie Silva

Updated: Apr 11

Valerie Silva and the folks at Glivinski & Associates, Inc. have been longtime supporters of the Cape & Islands United Way and countless nonprofit organizations throughout our region. As true community leaders, the foundation of this full-service accounting firm is collaboration and philanthropy. We were recently lucky enough to chat with Val about her involvement with CIUW - take a look!

Can you share why your business chose to support the Cape and Islands United Way?

CIUW collaborates with so many local organizations, so by partnering with them, I know that my support is directly impacting those in the greatest way possible.

How has your partnership with the United Way aligned with your corporate goals or values?

I feel strongly about helping locals in need, and CIUW excels at supporting the organization that are giving back where we live.

How do you believe your partnership with the organization has benefited your business?

In my business, we work with many non-profit organizations, and my partnership helps meet my philanthropy goals.

What message would you like to convey to other businesses about the importance of supporting nonprofits like the Cape and Islands United Way?

By partnering with CIUW, you should know that your donation is helping support many different local organizations, who in turn are directly supporting our locals in need.


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