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Visionary Award Recipient Spotlight | Bert Talerman

Updated: Apr 11

Meet our 2024 Visionary Award Recipient, Bert Talerman! Bert, President of Cape Cod 5, has previously served as Board Chair of the Cape & Islands United Way and continues to be an active leader and supporter within our community.

How do you feel the Cape and Islands United Way is unique in its approach to the cause?

C&I United Way is an organization that brings together a board with diverse experiences to focus on key needs in our community and seek collaboration around those issues, raise funds to help organizations that serve those in need, and hold them accountable for results.  Ultimately, C&I United Way’s sole purpose is to help make our community a better place for everyone.    

In what ways do you feel personally connected to the Cape and Islands United Way’s cause or mission?

Early in my career as a banker I was asked to participate in the awareness and fundraising efforts of the United Way and then I had the opportunity to serve on the board and be part of the leadership experience.  This experience helped make me more aware of the needs in our community, while building lasting relationships with fellow board members along with the opportunity to learn from them.  I think ultimately we all have a role in doing the best we can for our community, and I know that means different things to different people and that is OK.  For me, my time on the Cape & Islands United Way board and the people with whom I served were part of helping to shape my desire to learn more about our community and how I could do my little part to help.

What role do you believe nonprofits play in addressing broader societal issues?

As I said above, I think we all have a duty to help our communities and what that means is different depending on who you are.  For some it means being very involved in a specific area and for others it may mean being involved in many causes – it all matters.  Creating awareness around issues and being able to engage in constructive dialogue around them with all key constituents, of which nonprofits are one, is essential to success.  It is another reason why it is important for nonprofits to have boards and leadership with different backgrounds.

What would you say to others who are considering supporting the Cape and Islands United Way’s cause?

I would say that the C&I United Way has a multi-faceted approach to supporting the community in that the organization helps direct resources to a variety of organizations that help those in need in our community and that it is done through strong local leadership and accountability.  This means that you can feel comfortable that support for the C&I United Way ends up being support for a cross-section of need in our community.


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