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Supporting the local nonprofits that support our community

In this time of crisis, the Cape and Islands United Way is committed to providing access to funds quickly and efficiently, to community-based organizations working on the front lines.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, we have partnered with the Major Crisis Relief Fund and the Cape Cod Foundation. The partnership represents three funders focused on serving the community from all angles.

  • The Cape and Islands United Way will provide funding for current and recent community partners for program support.

  • The Cape Cod Foundation will provide operating support and organizational assistance to local non profits associated with longer term needs.

The first priority area of funding will be for organizations providing access to basic needs (food, shelter, emergency assistance). Funds will be distributed equitably based on geography and need.


We will continuously assess the needs in the community and communicate and collaborate with our funding partners to make sure funds are available and meeting the most pressing needs. 

and make a difference.

Help us bring relief to our community during the COVID-19 pandemic by donating to the Cape and Islands Community Response Fund.

Thank you to our generous corporate donors:

Fidelity Charitable Trustees' Initiative of Fidelity Charitable

iMedia Technology


Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation


The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod

United Way Worldwide


Worthington Campbell, Jr. Fund of The Cape Cod Foundation

Special message to individuals and families looking for assistance

In addition contacting the Major Crisis Relief Fund, you can find available resources in your area by calling 2-1-1 or visiting

Depending on where you live, you may also contact these organizations directly for assistance:

Upper Cape: Falmouth Service Center

Lower Cape: Lower Cape Outreach

Nantucket: Nantucket Interfaith Council

Martha’s Vineyard: Martha's Vineyard Community Services

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