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Women United funds local nonprofits with an additional $3,500

Women United, an affinity group of the Cape and Islands United Way, awarded grants totaling $3500 to Cape Cod Children’s Place and Harwich Ecumenical Council for Housing last week.

Both organizations have experienced an uptick in service requests during the pandemic.

Founded in 1995, Cape Cod Children’s Place is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building resiliency and strength in Cape Cod families. They provide resources, referrals, high quality early childhood education, advocacy and support.

Harwich Ecumenical Council (HECH) was founded in 1990 by a group of caring residents and concerned clergy to address the crisis of homelessness in Harwich and the surrounding towns. In its early years, volunteers donated time and money to locate housing for families facing imminent homelessness and to provide solutions to other housing challenges. Today, HECH provides affordable housing through both both rental and homeownership opportunities to help stabilize Cape communities.

About Women United:

The mission of Women United is to educate, encourage and engage women and families by focusing on the needs of children age zero to three. Just like the model of the Cape and Islands United Way, goals and strategies reflect a community impact model, and fundraising efforts benefit sustainable local programs. To learn more, visit

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