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Letter of Intent 2023

Community Impact Grant Program

The Letter of Intent (LOI) is the first in a two step grant-making process used by the Cape and Islands United Way.  The purpose of the LOI is to provide a brief snapshot of the program for which funding is being requested.


All applicants will receive a status update after the the LOIs are reviewed; you will be notified if your organization is invited to submit a full grant application in January.

  • Letters of Intent are due by November 18, 2022

  • LOIs are reviewed by community volunteers who may or may not have prior knowledge of the applicant or the program. Please write the LOI so that anyone will have an understanding of the proposed program

  • Be clear and concise as you make the case for funding the proposed program.

  • Your application will not be complete without answering ALL required questions.


Scoring criteria:

4—Exceeds criteria

3—Successfully meets all criteria

2—Adequately meets most criteria

1—Minimally meets some criteria

0—Fails to meet criteria

Cape & Islands United Way
Letter of Intent 2023

If you have any questions about the Letters of Intent (LOI), please contact Jackie Barber at

  • There are specific projects that might fit under the community outcomes of more than one Impact area. Be careful as you select and ask advise if in doubt. Be certain that your project aligns with the specifics of the area you select.

  • CIUW reserves the right, with notice to you, to move your project to a different area if it seems more appropriate. Also, we may advise a different funding process if we feel there is not significant connection to one of the prescribed community outcomes.

  • As the program narrative questions are written the connection back to the specifics of the Impact Area will be crucial.

  • Moving forward in the LOI, “program” is the term for the project you wish to have funded, the specific set of activities designed to achieve specific outcomes. Most of the questions focus on it but a few request information about the broader agency or organization. It is fine with CIUW if your program is the sole work of your agency; but if it is a piece of a larger picture CIUW will be interested in how it fits.

  • Both are for the specific project; and you will be asked to be more detailed about the funding requested under question 13. CIUW is prepared to work with programs for which we are the sole funding agency; although the responding to issue of sustainability is more challenging.

  • CIUW is open to maintaining funding for the same program, while at the same time hoping that agencies can reduce relying too heavily on Impact grant funding.

  • This question should delineate past funding for this program, but also should list CIUW funding for other programs as appropriate.

6. What areas would this progam serve? (select as many as apply)
  • This question wants only the areas in which outcomes of the program being funded are expected

Scoring Criteria:

  • The agency has described/demonstrated sufficient capacity to deliver the proposed program. The agency has background experience with the type of program proposed for funding.


Scoring Criteria:

  • Activities/ services clearly define who will do what for whom. The anticipated number of individuals to be served is reasonable. The activities are established best practices in other applications. The program is evidence based or has a clear rationale for expecting success.

Scoring Criteria:

  • The need is clearly defined and is based on adequate local data. The impact of the program is significant for the region.

Scoring Criteria:

  • The description distinguishes program inputs and program outcomes/impacts. The impacts are aligned with the Desired Community Outcomes for the selected Impact Area Strategy (ies). The measurement of impacts is feasible.

Scoring Criteria:

  • The organization demonstrates that it is likely to achieve progress toward the Desired Community Outcomes. The program fits with the mission and purposes of the organization.

Scoring Criteria:

  • Initial information about the budget is clear. The requested funds are clearly connected to the program outcomes. The requested funds seem reasonable and cost effective and are presented in a clear way.

Scoring Criteria:

  • The organization demonstrates that it is likely to be able to sustain progress toward the Desired Community Outcomes. The answer indicates such factors as cooperating with agencies of similar purpose, adapting the program as needed, and developing additional resources to grow more independent of United Way funds.

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