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Stories of Impact

You make our mission possible. The money we raise is invested with more than 30 collaborators who work with the Cape & United Way to address inequities in our communities.

In 2024, we have our work cut out for us -- we have received more than 20 new requests for this year, with the total number at 51. Those requests total $1.1 million.

Here are a few snapshots of the positive difference you are helping to create in the lives of others.

Health: Respite for patients at the end of life, and their caregivers

caregiver support
hospice stats

Caring for the Caregiver

Respite programs allow a caregiver to get a break from caregiving duties while the patient is cared for in an inpatient facility.

Even a day or a night at a time can alleviate “caregiver burnout” - which can be any one of or a combination of symptoms such as lost sleep, feelings of isolation, depression and anxiety.

From our community partner:

"Nurses, counselors and social workers are becoming ever more mindful of the benefits of respite for caregivers for our hospice patients. Thank you for helping us make a difference in the lives of our patients and families."

– Cathy Wozniak, MPH, MBA, CHPCA, Executive Director

A short video with the help of Alzheimer's Family Support of Cape Cod and their caregiver support program:

Education: Building resilience in families

resilient families

High Quality, Inclusive, Free Family Resilience Programming

From our community partner:

"We are a seasonal economy with a high cost of living. The 2020 onslaught of the global pandemic exposed large gaps in an already fractured system of early education and care and family support services on the Cape and Islands. We havebeen fortunate to be the recipient of several emergency relief grants to quickly distribute to families with very few eligibility barriers to receiving support. And while the pandemic crisis has subsided, the gaps in early education and family support are still here, are still large, and are still complex to solve.”

– Patty Watson, Director Grants and Development

A short video with the help of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cape Cod and their 1:1 youth mentor support program:

Housing: Funding for the Elderly & Disabled Emergency Housing Project

resilient families

Unique challenges, with solutions in sight

The vast majority of individuals in this program through Housing Assistance have disabilities, and all have limited income. As they stabilize in emergency shelter, they are working with case managers to secure more permanent housing. The goal is to house each person before the program ends. To date, four clients who have been in emergency shelter have moved on live in a more stable housing situation.

Financial Stability:

resilient families

Community Lunch Program on Martha's Vineyard

Summer can be a challenging time for families and low-income people on the Island, as many people lose access to childcare and stable housing.

During this season, Community Lunch ensures that one basic need–healthy, fresh meals each day–is covered for all on Martha’s Vineyard.

From our community partner:

"The Cape & Islands United Way has been instrumental in supporting our Community Lunch program, which provides children and other residents in need of nutrition support with free lunches during the summer break from school.”

– Rebecca Haag, Executive Director

A short video with the help of The Family Pantry Cape Cod, as director Christine Menard speaks to food insecurity, which is an all-too-real problem on the Cape and Islands.

When you give here, it stays here.

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