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Home is where love resides

During the holidays, home is often the center of many traditions, activities and serves as a place of solace. So especially now, it hurts the heart to think of those who lack housing security.

Two organizations that work hard to prevent homelessness and stabilize families in their homes are partially funded by your donations to the Cape and Islands United Way.

Homeless Prevention Council

The mission: The mission of the Homeless Prevention Council (HPC) is to provide personalized case management solutions to promote stability for all those who live in our community.

For 30 years, the Homeless Prevention Council (HPC) in Orleans has been working to meet people where they are and keep a roof over their head. The United Way funds six case managers, who help connect families on the lower and outer Cape with the services they need to resolve a housing crisis. They then assist them with programs and resources they need to stay in that home.

As housing becomes harder to find, rents increase and COVID continues to affect the economy, more people are asking for help. In 2020, HPC served 1,985 families, which was more than any other year in their history. But that number was quickly surpassed in 2021, reaching 2,212 families by the end of September.

Nantucket Interfaith Council

The mission: The mission of the Nantucket Food Fuel Rental Assistance is to assist residents who face a period of financial insecurity and cannot otherwise provide food or shelter or heat for themselves and their families.

Amongst Nantucket’s history and beauty, there are many people who serve this island community – and would fall between the cracks if not for the Nantucket Interfaith Council.

The Cape and Islands United Way assists with the programs that provide food, fuel and rental assistance to Nantucket residents in need. As the summer season ends, income is greatly reduced for many workers, and thanks to your donations, the Council supplements between 200 and 300 families a month. In addition to food, rental payments and fuel and utility assistance, funding can also help people stay in their homes during a crisis or in lean times. Many of these families are front line workers in grocery stores, hospital employees, taxi and Uber drivers, and have put their lives on the line throughout the pandemic.

Your continued support is so appreciated and has an impact right here where we live, work and enjoy.

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